Updating Your Look

Updating Your Look

After A Bone Marrow Transplant: The Road To Recovery

by Chester Williams

The oldest and most common form of adult stem cell therapy is a bone marrow transplant. The process is painless, though the aftermath can be challenging. After having the bone marrow transplant, the next step is to take the steps necessary to have a successful recovery. After the treatment, you will likely spend some time in the hospital. However, after this recovery period, you will need to spend time at home recovering. 

What To Expect

After you have left the hospital, you will continue to receive frequent outpatient care. You will still be weaker for several months. The most critical time will be the first 100 days after the transplant. Your transplant center will provide you with guidelines on how to reduce the risk of infections. It can be very difficult to adjust during this period, but it is crucial to remain as calm and confident as you can. Make sure to contact your doctor if you notice any sign of infection.

Preventing Infections

To prevent infections, always wash your hands with antibacterial soap. Stay away from individuals who are sick or have been sick recently. Always wear a mask and gloves when in public. If possible, ask for others to run errands for you so you can remain in home until your immune system improves. If you experience any warning signs of illness, contact your doctor immediately.

Safeguarding Your Health

You will be prescribed medications. Make sure to take all of these medications as directed. Also be sure to eat healthy foods in order to maintain your health and strength. Your doctor will likely provide you with a list of meal options that will be suitable for you if you need additional guidance.

Your MedicAlert Bracelet

Make sure to wear your MedicAlert bracelet. This is a bracelet that is designed to inform the paramedics that you have received a stem cell transplant, which is essential if you are unable to tell them yourself.

Recovering From The Effects Of The Treatment

While the bone marrow transplant can be very effective, it also causes some damage to your body. The kidneys, liver, lungs and skin can all be damaged. For this reason, you will need to keep your doctor informed of any symptoms that you experience because these may be the result of damage done to these organs. However, while working closely with your doctor, you will be on the road to recovery.


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