Updating Your Look

Updating Your Look

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Shrug Off Your Husband if He Suggests You Should Get Breasts Augmentation

by Chester Williams

Many women are highly sensitive about their bodies, which means that if your husband gently suggests that you might wish to consider breast augmentation, it can seem hurtful. You may mistakenly believe that your husband doesn't like your body, but this may not be the message that he's sending. Even if you're momentarily taken aback by his suggestion, especially if your breast size has seldom come up in past conversations, you shouldn't shrug off the idea. Here are some reasons that your husband may be making this suggestion.

He Wants You to Be More Confident

If you've had small breasts all your life, or have recently experienced a reduction in your breast size after breastfeeding a couple children, you may lack confidence in your physical appearance. Even if you haven't shared this private thought with your husband, a perceptive man will ideally pick up on it.

If he's able to assess that your low or decreased confidence is related to the size of your breasts, he may think that breast augmentation will make you more confident and thus go through life feeling better. It's worthwhile to give this concept some thought and schedule a breast augmentation consultation if the idea suits you.

He Wants You to Dress Snazzier

Some women allow the size of their breasts to greatly influence how they dress. If you have small breasts and you feel embarrassed, for example, you may seldom wear form-fitting clothing. Instead, you might frequently reach for garments that are oversized and bulky, which may give you a frumpy appearance. How you dress can play a major role in your life.

When you're a snazzier dresser, you may allow your personality to come out more because you aren't afraid of people looking at you. If your husband has witnessed your struggles in this area, he's being thoughtful when he makes this suggestion.

He Wants a Better Sex Life

While it's true that bigger breasts don't mean you'll have a better sex life, breast augmentation can lead to positive changes in the bedroom. Depending on how your breasts currently look and how you feel about them, you may be inhibited in bed; perhaps you get uncomfortable when your husband stares longingly at you, and this is an issue that can disrupt your sex life. It's possible that your husband is suggesting breast augmentation because he wants to have a better sex life with you.


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