Updating Your Look

Updating Your Look

Be Open To Liposuction For Your Teen If These Situations Are Present

by Chester Williams

If your teenager is overweight or obese and has expressed an interest in getting liposuction, you may wish to attend a consultation with him or her at your local cosmetic surgery clinic. Many cosmetic surgeons will advocate against minors getting cosmetic surgery but are also open to performing certain procedures if the teenager really wants it and his or her parents are in agreement. For an overweight teen, the most obvious step to take is to lose weight. However, there can be situations in which liposuction can be a valuable ally. Here are some of those situations.

The Teen Is Being Bullied

Unfortunately, many teenagers are bullied because of their weight, and this can lead to a highly distressed period of life for the victims. Perhaps your teen has few or no friends at school, no social life, and is extremely depressed because of all that he or she endures. While weight loss may alleviate some of the bullying, natural weight loss through dieting and exercise occurs slowly — and it may take a school year or longer for your teen to reach a healthy weight. For a quicker solution, liposuction can be the answer. You may even wish to think about changing schools for your teen to give him or her a fresh start with a new body.

His/Her Weight Has Resulted In Confidence Issues

Even if your teen isn't being bullied, his or her weight may have serious negative consequences. Many teens who are heavy have problems with confidence, which can be a challenge through the high school years. For example, a teen with no confidence may not apply himself or herself in school, which could limit his or her college choices. If your teenager feels as though he or she would have more confidence at a healthy body weight, and you agree, liposuction can be an effective way to get there.

The Teen's Weight Is Leading To Lost Opportunities

Some teenagers who are heavy will notice opportunities that are lost as a result of their weight. For example, a heavy teen girl might not get cast in a school drama production because the directors are looking for someone thinner. Or, a teen boy may be told by an athletic coach that he won't be able to play on a varsity team until he loses weight. If the child is struggling with dieting, the athletic opportunity can seem out of reach. Liposuction can be the answer to these dilemmas and can be valuable to helping your teen realize his or her potential.

Since a decision regarding liposuction, especially among teenagers, should never be taken lightly, it's important to speak with a professional like those found at Advanced Aesthetic & Laser Surgery to be able to make a more informed decision.


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