Updating Your Look

Updating Your Look

3 Things To Consider Before A Breast Augmentation

by Chester Williams

As a woman, it's your right to love the body that you are in. If, however, your breasts are too small or if you would just like to add a little more volume to your chest, then you may want to consider a breast augmentation surgery. During your initial consultation with your plastic surgeon, you will discuss all sorts of things including the size of implant you want, the shape, and the texture.  To help you feel more prepared for your consultation, this article will take a closer look at each of these components. 

1. The Size

To help you determine what size is best for your body shape and size, try bringing in pictures of people with breasts that you would like. For instance, if you have seen a movie star in a bikini and liked their breasts, then cut out that picture and bring it with you to your consultation. Additionally, many surgeons also have breasts for you to try on. Yes, that may sound a little more than bizarre, but by placing silicone implants into a bra, you can try on different sizes of breasts. 

2. The Shape 

It used to be that there was only one shape of implant you could get; round. And although round implants are still a popular choice, teardrop-shaped implants have also started to become a lot more popular among breast augmentation surgery patients. Teardrop-shaped implants are fuller at the bottom of the breasts and smaller at the top of the breast which makes them look a lot more natural. 

3. The Type of Implant

There are three main types of breast implants that you can choose from including saline, silicone, and gummy bear implants. 

Saline: Saline implants are made up of a saltwater solution and are popular because if they get a leak, it's an all-natural solution that is really safe for the body. Additionally, some people like that saline implants are a little harder in texture. 

Silicone: Silicone implants are probably the most popular type of implant because they give patients a more natural texture. 

Gummy Bear: Gummy bear implants are the newest type of implant and have gained a lot of popularity among patients. Why exactly? Gummy bear implants are a silicone implant, but the silicone is a little different which gives them a more natural feel. Also, gummy bear implants are teardrop-shaped implants rather than round ones, which give them a more natural look as well. 

To learn more about breast augmentation surgery, contact a plastic surgeon near you!


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