Updating Your Look

Updating Your Look

3 Tips For Getting A Breast Revision For A More Natural Look

by Chester Williams

Choosing an implant size can come with a little bit of guesswork. All implant sizes look different on different torsos and may appear to be a larger size on one person than on another. If you previously selected a large implant size, you may want to decrease to a more natural look later on. If you want to move your breast implant size down, you should consult with a plastic surgeon who can give you a good game plan on getting a breast revision. Here are three things to talk to your doctor about when getting smaller implants. 

1. Possibly decreasing areola size

Smaller implants can sometimes make larger areolas look out of place. If you are going down several cc's in size, you should talk to your doctor about decreasing your areola size as well. If the doctor thinks that your nipple size should be lessened, this will happen during your revision surgery. Your doctor will surgically remove your nipples with a scalpel, then cut them down to a size that matches your new breast size. They will then be sewn back on and will heal with stitches, just like your other breast scarring. 

2. Look at gummy bear implants

Gummy bear implants are one of the newest implant types. These tend to produce a more natural, tear-drop breast shape. Have your doctor do a computerized image of what gummy bear breast implants in your chosen size will look like on your body. If you have round breast implants currently, the gummy bear implants will be less top heavy and may have the natural appearance of having dropped into place sooner. 

3. Ask if they can go through the old insertion

One of the things that you may want to avoid is making a new scar. Implants can either go through the armpit, or they may need to make an anchor incision underneath your breast. Ask your doctor to use the site of the old incision so that you do not develop any new scarring as a result of changing your implant size. 

If they are able to go through the old incision, you want to make sure that you do not become susceptible to infections. Talk to your doctor about how to wrap the incision after surgery to keep it free of any infections or to reduce the possibility of the holes reopening. After the stitches are out, you may be able to use scar therapy to decrease the appearance of any lines. 


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