Updating Your Look

Updating Your Look

All About Severe Acne

by Chester Williams

Acne comes in many different forms. Whiteheads are caused by pores that are closed and plugged. Blackheads are caused by pores that are open and plugged. Actual pimples are papules that have pus at the very tip. Then, there is also acne that comes in the form of red and painful bumps that will develop a head at some point. There are many possible causes of acne problems and some of the possible causes of acne issues include genetics, stress, chocolate, soda, excessive sweating, bad hygiene, puberty, and more. Learn why acne treatment is important by reading the information below.

Prevent scarring

Many people don't realize just how severe acne can become and why it can be so problematic for someone until they are either dealing with severe acne themselves or see someone that they are close to struggling with it. However, severe acne can easily lead to acne scarring. Scars from acne can also be severe and they can be very obvious and on someone's face which can affect them negatively in many different ways throughout their life.

Put an end to the pain 

When someone has severe acne it can be painful. While some pimples will be completely painless and they wouldn't even know they had the pimples if not for looking in the mirror, others can hurt badly, especially when they are in certain places. Acne that is on or in the ear, on or in the nose, or on the forehead will tend to be more sensitive. Also, pimples that haven't come to a head yet can be painful until they finally form a head and pop.

Gain self-confidence 

When someone has a lot of acne it can affect the way they feel about their looks. Someone who is suffering will a bad breakout of acne may shy away from having their pictures taken and possibly even choose to stay in the house until they get a better handle on their acne. When a person's skin clears up from the acne, they will start to feel much better about themselves and this will not only help them feel better on the inside, but it can also cause them to exude a better attitude others will also see and appreciate.

Do better at work

When someone is feeling badly about their appearance, it can cause them to be quieter and more introverted at work and this can be problematic in many careers, including ones like sales. Also, some people may shy away from someone with a bad acne breakout because there is a fear of illnesses being spread if the person touches an open pimple and then touches other things, thereby putting airborne pathogens on surfaces.


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Updating Your Look

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