Updating Your Look

Updating Your Look

Should You Choose Botox Over Fillers?

by Chester Williams

Cosmetic injections can perform a variety of roles. These injections can sculpt your face, giving you the youthful appearance you are looking for. Botox is one such injection you might consider if you want to change your look.

Are you trying to choose between Botox and another filler? Here's what you need to know to make your decision.

What Would You Use Botox For?

Botox is a great tool to relax muscles in the face, giving you a fresh appearance. You might use Botox to address wrinkles, fine lines, sweating, and other facial concerns. Botox does not plump up the face like filler, but it can still make you look younger.

You can get Botox on the upper portion of your face, around your eyes, and some of the lower parts of your face (like your lipstick lines).

What Are the Benefits of Botox?

Botox is a quick procedure that is relatively pain-free. It is performed quickly, which allows you to get back to work and the daily grind without issue. You don't have to spend any time off, and your skin will look young for months.

Is Botox For Everybody?

Many prefer Botox, but it might not be right for everybody. For example, it is a temporary fix, and some may not like the way their facial expressions feel after treatment. You may experience slight bruising and numbness as well. All side effects are rare and minimal.

What Would You Use Filler For?

Filler adds volume to your face, making it look more plump and sculpted. You can use dermal filler to create a shape for your face. Fillers smooth out wrinkles and restore volume to your face.

There are also different types of fillers. You can choose the right filler for you based on where you want to have the filler placed and how much you might need. Keep in mind that fillers can be more expensive than Botox as well.

So, What's the Difference?

As you can see, Botox is used to smooth out lines, whereas filler is more intended to add volume to your face. One is not necessarily better than the other. Instead, they both can be used in different ways.

If you think that you would be a good candidate for Botox, speak with a professional today. A doctor will ensure that you are making the right choice to smooth out wrinkles and give you the appearance you want. For more information, reach out to a local spa or clinic, like Time 4 U Med Spa.


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Updating Your Look

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