Updating Your Look

Updating Your Look

How Do Dermal Fillers Make You Look Younger?

by Chester Williams

When it comes to getting rid of wrinkles, there are a lot of options out there. From at-home creams and serums to surgical procedures, there's a lot to choose from. If you've been interested in dermal fillers but don't know how they work or why they're so effective, then here is what you should know.

How Wrinkles Form

The first thing to understand about dermal fillers is the principle behind how wrinkles form in the first place.

Typically, wrinkles form when the dermis of the skin becomes thinner. This is usually due to age, sun exposure, exposure to pollution (like cigarettes), or a combination of those factors. When the dermis becomes thinner, the surface of your skin essentially collapses inward. Of course, it's only doing this a tiny bit at a time, but it's enough to potentially form a deep crease in your skin.

The Trouble with Deep Wrinkles

The main reason why deep wrinkles are such a headache is because of this thinned dermis. With fine lines, it's possible to plump up the surface of the skin and the hydration underneath it, diminishing or even erasing those lines. However, when the skin is collapsing inward and forming a sort of valley, these products typically have little to no impact.

How Fillers Help

Thankfully, where other products and procedures fail, dermal fillers can help. As the name implies, dermal fillers help to plump up the skin from the inside, acting as an extra layer to replace the thickness of the dermis that's been lost. This props the skin back up to its proper level, erasing the deep wrinkle. With extreme wrinkles, there may still be some fine lines remaining after the procedure is performed. However, most people notice the results from dermal filler right away following the procedure.

The duration of the benefits you see will depend upon a few factors, but especially on which type of dermal filler you choose. Some products last for several months, while others can potentially last for years. Every dermal filler is different, so if you speak with a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon, they can explain which filler is right for you, how long it will last, and any potential side effects or additional benefits you can expect from it.

Dermal fillers essentially fill in the cracks that make deep wrinkles from under the surface, giving skin a smooth, even, and youthful-looking appearance. If you haven't seen success with other methods of getting rid of your wrinkles, consider dermal filler. Contact an anti-aging skin fillers service, such as Capitis Medical and Aesthetics, near you to learn more.


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