Updating Your Look

Updating Your Look

What Changes Can Botox Injections Make To Your Appearance?

by Chester Williams

Botox injections are commonly used in dermatology and cosmetic surgery practices in order to alter patients' appearances. Botox is minimally invasive. Unlike other procedures, it doesn't require anesthesia, sutures, or long recovery times, which makes it ideal for people who want to improve their looks without a lot of commitment. Here are some ways you can change your appearance using Botox treatment:

1. Smooth away expression lines

Many people choose to get Botox treatment because they have expression lines they don't prefer. A lifetime of smiling, frowning, or scowling can create permanent indents between a person's eyebrows or around their mouths. Botox can gently smooth away these expression lines by weakening the muscles you use to make certain expressions. As a result of softer expressions, you'll notice smoother skin with fewer lines.

2. Erase and prevent fine wrinkles

Botox can also erase fine wrinkles that aren't caused by facial expressions. While dermal fillers are better suited to eradicating deep wrinkles, small wrinkles can be taken care of with Botox injections alone. Botox injections are also an excellent preventative measure that can help you safeguard your skin against future wrinkles.

3. Improve your smile

Believe it or not, Botox injections can change your smile, too. This is because the muscles in your lips and cheeks affect the way you look when you smile. Some people expose too much of their gums when they smile because their lips pull up too far. Botox injections can ease your muscles, so you can show only your teeth when you grin.

4. Lift your brows

Elevated brows can give a person an open, friendly look and reduce the appearance of hooded eyelids. Fortunately, you don't need to go under the knife to get a brow lift. Your doctor can inject Botox into the muscles beneath your eyebrows to weaken them, allowing the muscles above your eyebrows to elevate your brows naturally. The result will be a brighter, more alert look that lasts for months.

5. Slim your jawline

A slim jawline offers a sharp and feminine appearance. However, some people have wider faces than others. You can achieve a slimmer jawline without invasive jaw-shaving surgery. Your doctor can inject Botox into your masseter muscles, the two muscles on either side of your jaw that activate when you chew or speak. These injections will weaken those muscles slightly, which will give you a sleeker, finer jaw profile over time.


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Updating Your Look

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