Updating Your Look

Updating Your Look

5 Ways Cosmetic Body Surgery With Fat Transfer Can Help Shape Your Body

by Chester Williams

If you'd like to contour the shape of your body or fill in wrinkles or sunken areas where fat loss has left you looking older than you like, then fat transfer surgery might be a good solution. This cosmetic body surgery moves fat from one part of your body to another so you get the benefit of liposuction in one area and the benefit of plumping with fat injections in another area. Here are five ways fat transfer cosmetic body surgery might be done.

1. To Make Your Breasts Fuller

Rather than get implants in your breasts, you might want to consider getting a fat transfer. Since the fat comes from your own body, it's a natural substance that feels more natural than implants and looks more natural, too. A fat transfer can be done as a form of breast augmentation or along with a breast lift. When the fat is applied to the top of your breasts, it can increase cleavage and correct the deflated look you might have after breastfeeding or losing weight.

2. To Define Your Abs

Both men and women can have a fat transfer done. Any person may want a fat transfer to the abdominal region to define the appearance of the abs. Fat can also be transferred to the arms to make them more shapely. By adding fat over certain muscles, your body can have a more sculpted, muscular look.

3. To Lift Your Buttocks

A Brazilian butt lift is a popular cosmetic body surgery that adds implants to your buttocks, but you can opt to have a fat transfer instead. Like other types of fat transfer procedures, the fat is removed from your abdomen, thighs, or other areas where you have too much fat, and then it is purified and injected into your buttocks. This gives your buttocks a lifted and fuller appearance while still feeling natural.

4. To Fill Out Your Hands

If you've lost fat in your hands due to aging, you might want a fat transfer to make your hands look plumper and younger. Filling the area under your skin can even make wrinkles less noticeable. The fat transfer may be done by injecting the fat under the skin in your hands and then massaging the fat to spread it around to even out the appearance and to cover unsightly veins and prominent bones in your hands.

5. To Sculpt Your Face

Fat transfers can be done in place of dermal fillers on your face. A fat transfer can plump your lips, give your cheeks more definition, and fill in wrinkles. You might prefer this more natural form of injection over other dermal fillers. There is the potential that some fat will be lost or absorbed, but more fat can be added later if that happens. A fat transfer is not exactly like a dermal filler since liposuction surgery is required to harvest the fat.

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Updating Your Look

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