Updating Your Look

Updating Your Look

Three Advantages Of Transumbilical Breast Augmentation

by Chester Williams

Getting breast implants is a big decision to make, and there are a lot of choices to choose from. If you've heard of transumbilical breast augmentation, you might be wondering if there are any big differences between it and traditional breast augmentation surgery. There are a few advantages to transumbilical breast augmentation, so here's a look at three of the most important ones.

No Visible Scarring

One of the reasons why women sometimes feel self-conscious after getting breast implants is because of scarring. Scars can sometimes be left behind under the arm or under the breast, depending upon how the surgery is performed. While good aftercare can help to reduce the visibility of these scars, the last thing you want is to feel self-conscious about yourself after undergoing a procedure to look your best.

Transumbilical breast augmentation avoids this problem by inserting the implant via the navel. An unfilled breast implant is slid under the muscle and skin and then threaded up until it's directly under the breast tissue, where it's then filled. Any marks left behind by the procedure will be on the navel, which typically has enough wrinkles and lines that scarring is completely invisible.

Shortened Recovery Time

Due to the method with which transumbilical breast augmentation is performed, it's less traumatic on the body and therefore has a quicker recovery time. While you can still expect some soreness and will need to follow your surgeon's instructions to get back to completely normal, you may feel better significantly faster than someone who undergoes the traditional method of surgery. The smaller incision makes a big difference in getting back on your feet.

Saline Safety

Finally, some women have concerns regarding the safety of silicone breast implants. While this type of implant has been shown to be safe, some still feel worried about the low chance of having it rupture. This is another situation where transumbilical breast augmentation shines.

Transumbilical breast implants are filled with saline, which is essentially pure saltwater. In the rare event that a breast implant were to break or burst under your skin, there's zero danger of being exposed to saline. It's often used in things like IV fluids and even certain contact lens solutions and eye drops and doesn't harm the body. While you'd still need to undergo surgery to remove the broken implant and replace it, you wouldn't have any health scares to be worried about.

For more information on the advantages of transumbilical breast augmentation, contact a local breast implant surgery specialist.


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